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Volunteering with CFC

Join our team of enthusiastic volunteers! Whatever your background, we are confident that you have a skill to contribute. Volunteering with CFC can be a life-changing experience, and every hour you are able to give directly impacts the future of a child.

Join one of our existing teams in NYC/Northeast, San Francisco/West Coast, Austin/Southwest, Chicago/Midwest, Washington D.C., Singapore, and Siem Reap or connect with other volunteers in your area.  Contact us today to find out about opportunities.

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Here are five things you can do TODAY to learn more, raise awareness and get involved with CFC!

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Travel with a Purpose

Save the Date

CFC is planning a Make a Difference Trip
July 16-20*, 2020

*flexible dates available,
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Every year, more than 700 volunteers travel to CFC schools to make a difference. Staff and volunteer trip coordinators work hand in hand with each volunteer group to build itineraries and match each group with a ‘most-needed” project, all while ensuring that our students and our communities are respected and protected. Volunteers help build and maintain campus infrastructure, work with students on English as a Second Language, and more.

Check out our CFC Trip Guide for detailed information or email us at

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Read on to learn about CFC volunteer experiences!

We participated in Food for Thought and toured several schools. It was fun watching the students’ reactions to the silly magic tricks my son would show them. This was an impactful experience for my children. They learned how important it is to make sure all children have the same access to good schools, so they can dream big and so those dreams can come true.”

~ Ann Murphy Reinchenbach (California)


“Throughout the trip, I kept asking myself what service meant to me. It means recognizing someone else’s needs and putting them before your own. Helping others is something I’m really passionate about; all the privileges I’ve had in my life, give me the opportunity to make a difference in the world.”
~ Elle Epstien, 8th-grader, Singapore American School



“Simply put: The Amelio School is a special place. We hope the bright and cheerful new wall that surrounds the school is reflective of how beautiful it is inside. Our children enjoyed helping to paint, but most of all making some new friends and sharing the morning with the students. To see the benefits of CFC first hand was quite memorable.”
~ The Hanna Family and Spitznagle Family (Singapore)


For Kids

Young people all over the globe are inspired to help our students. Some have made personal connections through service trips to our schools and school pen pal programs. Others have learned about us through research or personal contacts. The work they do is instrumental in maintaining our programs and inspirational to their communities.

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Read on to learn why kids enjoy volunteering with CFC!

“Kids are kids. They’re all the same, and they have the same needs. Even kids with nothing can still smile.”

~ Maeve Binchy (Maryland) who has organized a variety of fundraisers (eg. bake sales, ‘dress-down-days’, pizza and ice cream sales) through her school to raise over $1200 for CFC!


“Most of us take for granted that we can brush our teeth, but in a place like Cambodia, it’s a privilege”.
~ Maya Sobal (age 12, Singapore) who collected over 500 toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.



“It felt good knowing that we were collecting something that CFC students really needed. Now they can carry their books and homework in a backpack – just like we do!”
~ Tanglin Trust School students (Singapore)

Do It Yourself

There are many ways to get involved and raise awareness for CFC. Collection campaigns are an easy way for supporters, especially young supporters, to connect with their peers to collect Wish List items needed by our students and schools.

We’re here to help! Contact us with any questions at

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Host your own fundraising event

Consider hosting an event that brings friends together for a fun activity all in the name of CFC. Check out some fun ideas below, and click on the image for helpful tips. CFC supporters have held dance-a-thons, Giving Tree events, Ugly Sweater holiday races, Empty Bowls fundraisers, and more. Get creative and have some fun!

We’re here to help! Contact us with any questions at

Read on for ideas on how to plan your own event!

Wine into Wishes

Game Night

Empty Bowls Event

Ugly Sweater Run

Giving Tree Event

Movie Night

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