Cambodia orders Siem Reap Schools Closed due to Covid-19

Siem Reap Schools Closed

The Cambodian Ministry of Education has ordered all public and private schools in Siem Reap to close effective immediately out of an abundance of caution while the town deals with its first reported case of the Covid-19 virus.

CFC schools are now closed in accordance with that order and will remain so until further notice though it is important to note no cases involving CFC students or staff have been reported.

The closure comes after a local Cambodian man tested positive for the virus. He is believed to have contracted the virus from a Japanese man who passed through Siem Reap before returning to Japan. All those who came in contact with the two infected men have been quarantined, according to officials.

“The intention of closing schools is to protect children who do not know protective measures. I hope that parents and caretakers try to make their children study hard during this temporary school closure,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen, according to an article in the Phnom Penh Post.

CFC students and staff receive regular instruction on the importance of washing hands and other hygiene protocols through our Health Education programming. CFC has been proactively highlighting those lessons at the schools for several weeks to help keep our kids and staff safe.

Please note all trips to the schools are also on indefinite hold to minimize the potential exposure to any students or staff. Please contact your trip coordinator if you have any questions regarding a planned trip.

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