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Fundraising Campaigns

Give Hope. Give Education.

Your contributions can go a long way in Cambodia. It only costs $180 (USD) to educate a Cambodian child for an entire year. Every donation counts, and every fundraiser is another opportunity to educate a child.

Supporter Fundraisers

Love Smart Kids

Curiosity and education are central to many good things in life. CFC supports education in Cambodia, and I support CFC because it is an efficiently run organization that puts its precious donations to good use helping Cambodian youth. Please help me to help CFC by donating today!


Global Education Allies (GEA) will be traveling soon to visit CFC schools in Cambodia. Help GEA support CFC’s literacy efforts by donating to provide funding for more books for classrooms and libraries.

Clean Water Fund

As a Canadian, clean water is something that I often taken for granted. Unfortunately, the people of Cambodia do not have the same access that I do, and I want to make a difference! A donation of $25 provides clean water for 10 students for one year. Help provide access!

Helping Cambodian
Children Learn

My name is Maeve Drury and in 2014, when I was 12 years old, I traveled to Cambodia to participate in a service project. CFC inspired me to help Cambodian children learn. Please donate anything you can – it is greatly appreciated!

Music & Visual Arts

We started CFC’s first Music Program in 2015. Now, we want to expand our support to include Music and Visual Arts. We love to see the smiles, skills and confidence that come with music and arts education. Help us support the arts in CFC schools!

Fifty Bicycles

Bikes play a key role in preventing dropouts between primary and junior high school. CFC gives every 7th grader who needs it a bike to get to school.Sometimes these bikes become the family vehicle! Each $50 we raise changes a child’s – and a family’s – future.

Girls Education

As a Khmer-American woman, my passion is helping girls stay in school. There have been improvements, but norms and cultural expectations still need to change. With deep gratitude, I seek your support to keep girls education a priority.

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