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Browse current campaigns to see what supporters are doing to raise funds for their favorite programs, or for general education needs. Click on “Donate” to support a campaign.

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Boost support for an existing campaign by creating your own page to promote it. Share this page with friends and family members.

Next, consider an activity that increases the impact of your page: run a 5K in your town, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, bake cookies, design a haunted house, run a marathon, host a party, or design and sell jewelry. These are all ideas that creative CFC supporters have turned into realities through our personal fundraising program.

Start a new campaign

Contact CFC for information on choosing a cause, creating a campaign to support it, and sharing your campaign with friends and family members. Send us an email at We’re here to help!

Fundraising Campaigns

Give Hope. Give Education.

Your contributions can go a long way in Cambodia. It only costs $180 (USD) to educate a Cambodian child for an entire year. Every donation counts, and every fundraiser is another opportunity to educate a child.

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